Earn more with only three steps


Step 1

Create a Strong Value Proposition

I assume you know at least generally what you want to sell. You should also have an idea of who will be your customers.

You can create your value proposition sometimes called a customer value proposition when you know those basics. Your value proposition is the collection of the best believable reasons your target customers have for taking the action you’re asking for.

There’s no one best value proposition template – but there are some standard practices you can rely on!

Step 2

Reach your Audience

Granted, sometimes this isn’t quite as straightforward, but in most cases, this is the easy step..

Figure out where can you reach your target customers in a meaningful way.

The two questions that you need to answer are:

  1. Where do your target customers go to find a solution to the problem you can solve or the goal you can help achieve?
  2. How can you reach them in that place and showcase how you can help?

For example, if you sell gardening supplies, your target customers probably use Google to find what they need. So, using AdWords would be the simplest way to reach them when they’re looking for what you sell.


Step 3

Get Your Value Proposition Across

Once you have their attention, you need people to understand your value proposition.

Remember: By definition, they’re most likely to buy from you when they’ve understood it. So, that’s what your marketing focus should be.

But people won’t really understand your value proposition and what makes you worth their attention if you don’t present the ideas in the right order.

Start with the idea that’s closest to what your target customers are already thinking about.

For example, let’s say the core of your value proposition has three ideas: 1) your running shoes are cheaper than others, 2) they’re lighter, and 3) they have the best cushioning.

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